Tuesday, April 20, 2010


My three girls are close. My sister and I are close. My girls' best friends are close and my sister's best friend is close. We are all close! We are all sisters in Christ. We love one another and fit like one big family. We fit so GOOD that we are daring to traipse off to the beach for the weekend together! We will be celebrating Julie's 40th birthday and we can hardly wait to get our toes in the sand.

Pedicures will be offered. Delicious meals and yummies will be shared and the funniest stories and the most outlandish fashions will abound. It will be fun.

We will be leaving our hubbies and kiddies and laundry and responsibilities behind, except that most important of responsibilities - to remember WHOSE we are and to represent HIM wherever we go and in whatever we do. After all - He is the author of LOVE and it all began with HIM.


From the Heart said...

That sounds so much like fun. Hope you have a beautiful time together.

Anonymous said...

I love your comments and pics. i hope you have a great time at the beach!!! If you see any seashells!!! just kidding i love those things!! i will miss you Sunday but I know you all will have a wonderful and tell Julie Happy Birthday!!! Love ya, Susan