Friday, April 16, 2010

Worship the Lord!

Make a JOYFUL NOISE unto the Lord!

Enter into His gates with THANKSGIVING and into His courts with Praise!
Be thankful to Him and BLESS His name!
Get the message? And that is just a little from one of the Psalms. God's Word tells us that He wants to hear from His people! Can't you just visualize the gigantic choir in heaven? Can't you imagine how joyful and magnificent the music and sounds of praise will be there? And something tells me that it will not be meaningless music that sounds like a noisy gong or clanging symbols. It will be deeply meaningful and filled with the words of faith and truth and goodness and love and ALL that God is.

There is a time for quiet, pensive music and listening to such can bring us closer to the Lord. During worship services He must be our focus, not the mode of music. Everything we do in worship should be moving towards our focus on Him. When we are too focused on personalities and our preferences in preaching or music style, etc. we get all blurry and out of focus. Blessed is the congregation who has leaders who are consecrated to the task, organized, prepared, and focused on God. After all - it is about Him.

Recently we have been blessed to visit with family in several different churches and have appreciated the different styles of worship and music. Thank you, Lord, for all your servants who work hard to just be well tuned instruments in Your work.


Mar said...

This is a picture of the choir at the church where I grew up. Still brings such warm memories of gratitude for a place to learn about and serve the Lord Jesus.

From the Heart said...

Looks like a beautiful choir. I look forward to hearing the choir in Heaven. Maybe God will give me a singing voice so I can participate. I've always wanted to sing but can't carry a tune at all. That will be a beautiful time when we all gather around the throne to worship our Heavenly Father.
Blessings, AE

Mar said...

Alice, for sure you have a singing spirit that blesses others and Im quite sure it blesses our Lord as well. I like your new picture. :)

Blessings back to you.

Mar said...

One more thing - I added another picture of the same Church with the youth choir doing their thing to add to the worship experience. Different styles of music. So glad this old church is reaching the younger folks.