Friday, April 2, 2010

Today We Plant Something

Today is Good Friday and I always awaken a bit sad on this day. Been doing that since a young girl. When I first realized how Jesus was crucified and why, and how much more important that was than looking for the Easter bunny to come, Easter weekend became more significant. I remember one time asking my father why he was working in the garden on Good Friday, his day off. He told me "Today we plant something. It helps us think about the Lord." And then he became quiet. Later on I found out that my father in law had the same custom - planting something on Good Friday. So, my husband and I try to do the same. We are not good gardeners. He has not had the time.We dont have the lovely yards or overflowing gardens, but we have a few things planted. It is a sweet thing for me to see my husband roll up his sleeves and work in the dirt, knowing he is thinking what I am thinking.

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From the Heart said...

Yes, I grew up knowing that Good Friday to plant things. I imagine you could compare that to Jesus death on the cross (planted in the tomb)and He arose on the third day. Plants don't come up quiet that quickly but eventually they burst forth out of the ground.

I've missed some of your posts, don't know how though. I've tried to keep up with everone. I've been sick with a cold and sinus congestion (earlier in March) and before that I had some issues with my health in other ways. I have vertigo but's it different than I've ever had before. I've been doing physical therapy. The ENT dr. said that was the only thing that would correct the problem. I'm doing better but got a few more weeks to go.

I've missed you. Hope you have a great weekend.